Timken’s Engineering Expertise Keeps Vaccines Safe and Viable From COVID to chickenpox, vaccines must be kept cold so they remain safe and viable for patients. Timken helps vaccine producers optimize temperatures from the very beginning where the cold chain begins — in manufacturing.

Read how.



Feeding the World Safely

Timken solutions make large-scale food production efficient for companies and safe for consumers. Senior Application Engineering Specialist Steve Boyd shares how Timken helps feed the world — and what makes the work so gratifying.


Co-Op: Shaping a Workforce for the Future

Every day, Timken engineering co-op students work with managers and mentors to solve important customer problems. In the process, they learn more about themselves and about what an engineering career can look like. Natasha Pollock, VP of HR, talks about the importance of co-ops for the company and the world.


At the Forefront of the Wind Energy Boom

Timken is investing US$75 million in renewable energy in 2021, with a significant portion of that investment going to its bearing plant in Xiangtan, China. General Manager Wei Wang talks about the importance of Xiangtan to Timken’s wind energy strategy—and what makes the facility stand out.