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The company’s Philadelphia Gear® line of low- and high-speed gear drive designs are used in large-scale industrial applications. Our gear drive configurations are custom-made systems designed to meet user specifications and come in a wide-array of size, footprint and gear arrangements.


The U.S. Navy and Coast Guard have depended upon Philadelphia Gear main reduction gearing for over 70 years. The current active programs include the design and manufacture of the main propulsion drives for the San Antonio Class (LPD-17) of ships.


With the ability to generate over 15GW of solar power, it’s easy to see why Cone Drive solar tracker drives are the global leader in solar tracking technology. Our custom solutions for the Solar industry help harness the sun’s power in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


From turbine engines and gearboxes to helicopter transmissions and auxiliary power units and more, Timken products help private, commercial and military aerospace customers fly high.

Low Speed Industrial

Philadelphia Gear enclosed drives are used in a wide variety of applications, especially in crushing and pulverizing equipment, cooling towers, conveyors and pumps.

High Speed Industrial

High-speed gearbox applications are, by their very nature, demanding. Philadelphia Gear high-speed drives have an unparalleled record of long-term reliability in power generation, oil and gas, and pipeline industries.