Advancing Careers and Communities Nicole Morrett, senior manager of talent, learning and development, talks about the holistic nature of her work — and the role Timken’s culture and values play in maintaining a high-performing workforce.

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Work That Matters

125 Years of Ethical Leadership

Angel Olivas, manager of ethics, compliance and global data privacy, talks about protecting and advancing Timken’s reputation as one of the most ethical companies in the world — and what it means for the company, Timken employees and the industry.


Timken Automates: Next-Gen Manufacturing

Timken global facilities use co-bots, autonomous guided vehicles and other automation to elevate efficiency, safety and sustainability. Bill Kelleher, director of operational excellence, explains.


Manufacturing a More Sustainable Future

Timken uses engineering and systems thinking in its own operations to build a more efficient and sustainable world for future generations. Timken’s manager of EHS systems in Poland explains how the plant uses air compressors to simultaneously manufacture products, heat buildings and reduce emissions.


Bringing STEM To Life: A Community Effort

Great Lakes Science Center President & CEO Kirsten Ellenbogen and Timken Application Engineer Joanna Hallisy talk about how Timken and the Science Center work together to make STEM come alive for a diverse population of students.


Igniting the Spark in Future STEM Leaders

Timken invests in STEM education for underrepresented students globally, collaborating with leaders like Darlene Walker, STEM engagement director at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. She shares how authentic STEM learning experiences create more diverse, knowledgeable and prepared problem solvers for the future.


Wind Techs Play a Critical Role Keeping the Power On

In 2020, “wind turbine technician” was the fastest growing job in the Unites States. It’s not an easy occupation, but the work is critical, the impact significant. Nathan Glessner, business manager for H&N Wind Power Systems by Timken talks about training, safety, and the dedication his H&N team demonstrates daily to keep the power on for millions of Americans.


Being Energy Responsible

Timken facilities reduce, reuse, recycle and invest for a more sustainable world. Thomas Simon, plant manager, explains how the company’s newest Groeneveld-BEKA facility in Wannberg, Germany, operates with 100% renewable energy, contributing to the company’s global sustainability goals


Advancing R&D From the Inside Out

Adrienne Aquino, research and development advancement manager at Timken, discusses Timken’s Innovation Spotlight Program — an annual award initiative for achievements “behind the scenes” of R&D — and the perspective the 20-year company veteran brings to her new role.


Feeding the World Safely

Timken solutions make large-scale food production efficient for companies and safe for consumers. Senior Application Engineering Specialist Steve Boyd shares how Timken helps feed the world — and what makes the work so gratifying.


Co-Op: Shaping a Workforce for the Future

Every day, Timken engineering co-op students work with managers and mentors to solve important customer problems. In the process, they learn more about themselves and about what an engineering career can look like. Natasha Pollock, VP of HR, talks about the importance of co-ops for the company and the world.


At the Forefront of the Wind Energy Boom

Timken is investing US$75 million in renewable energy in 2021, with a significant portion of that investment going to its bearing plant in Xiangtan, China. General Manager Wei Wang talks about the importance of Xiangtan to Timken’s wind energy strategy—and what makes the facility stand out.