• A Bearing Worthy of the World’s Most Powerful Wind Turbine

    Timken Ploiesti’s Engineering Center of Excellence maintains fluid communication from the customer to the manufacturing plant and back—which is how you build some of the largest bearings in the world, for some of the largest wind turbines ever.

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  • Global Initiative: Single-Use Plastics Reduction

    From products to processes, Timken is reducing the environmental footprint of its own operations and those of its customers. Managers Jamie Milobar and Kim Rudy explain their passion for driving down single-use plastics throughout the Timken supply chain.

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  • Solar Power: Mohave Desert, California

    BrightSource Energy’s Ivanpah power plant turns the intense sunlight of the Mohave into electricity for 140,000 California homes. To optimize output, the team relies on Cone Drive gear sets to precisely position 173,000 heliostats.

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  • Stronger. By Design.

    Strength, knowledge, perseverance and skills honed over a century of hard work. Read our story.

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