Serving the Food and Beverage Industry with an Award-Winning Design High-pressure, chemical washdowns are critical for food and beverage processing to eliminate microbial threats. However, these processes can drive corrosive contaminants into machinery and wash away the lubrication needed for successful operation. Timken tapped into its deep expertise to engineer a bearing solution that drastically minimizes the risk of ingress with an improved, customer-centric design.

Read how.



Quantum Leaps

SPINEA’s high-precision gears play a key role in the proper control, parameter setting and precision maintenance of the particle accelerators at CERN, where scientists are using the most-complex scientific instruments to determine the origin of the universe. Timken acquired SPINEA in 2022, bolstering its leadership position in industrial motion markets.


The Power of Connection

Wind turbine designers connect with Timken for technical solutions throughout the drivetrain. Here’s how the company’s capabilities in couplings and other power transmission components help make wind energy more technically and economically viable.


Engineering Better Patient Care

A patient receiving open heart surgery and a crash survivor learning to walk again both benefit from Rollon linear motion technologies. So do their health care providers. Here’s how Rollon supports positive medical outcomes and increases provider efficiencies worldwide.


Automatic Lubrication Helps Wind Energy Grow

Renewable energy industries account for 13% of Timken’s business, and that number continues to grow thanks to the diversity of its product portfolio. Groeneveld-BEKA’s Bernd Bertelmann talks about how automatic lubrication is helping drive the company’s growth in wind energy — contributing to a more sustainable world.


Rollon 7th Axis Solutions: Enabling Sophisticated Robots to ‘Walk’

For many automated manufacturing facilities, six axes are no longer enough. The seventh axis gives robots greater range—enabling them to ‘walk’ across varying distances. Machine designers are increasingly integrating sophisticated Seventh Axis solutions from Rollon, a Timken company, into equipment that expertly produces everything from dishwashers to drivetrains. Here’s why.


Wazee Crane: Protecting BIG Investments

Lifting and maneuvering multi-billion-dollar equipment in manufacturing and testing environments requires precision overhead material handling systems. See how Wazee Crane, part of Timken Power Systems, helped in handling the Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser® spacecraft and other critical spacecrafts and satellites.