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Timken aspires to make our website accessible for all visitors, including those with disabilities.

Consistent with this goal, we have taken a number of steps to increase our website’s usability by those who access the web using assistive technology, including adoption of Userway accessibility technology, which is designed to make our Website more usable by individuals with disabilities, consistent with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, version 2.1.  The Userway accessibility menu can be accessed from any page on our website.

Timken also provides access to website content through a number of alternative means upon request:

Main Webpage and Timken Careers

If you have a disability and require assistance to access content on either our main webpage or the Timken Careers site, please call our Accommodations Hotline at (888) 201-5342.

Investor Website

If you are an investor or potential investor who has questions about our company but are unable to fully access the content on our investor website, please contact Meghan Elmblad – Investor Relations, at (234) 262-7112.