Rail Wheel Bearings: The Original Circular Economy By virtue of its culture of resource stewardship and efficiency, the rail industry offers arguably one of our oldest and most successful models of corporate social responsibility. Timken’s bearing reconditioning services help rail operators reduce costs — both financial and environmental.

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Rail Wheel Bearings: The Original Circular Economy
Reaping Results: Timken Portfolio Delivers for Agriculture Current events are exacerbating global food insecurity. Efficiency and uptime are now especially essential to minimizing gaps in agricultural output. Timken’s engineering expertise and robust portfolio of products play a role on this front. Mark Stangl, manager of Timken’s global marketing division, explains.

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Reaping Results: Timken Portfolio Delivers for Agriculture
Building Climate Resilience Into Water Infrastructure In an era of climate volatility, it becomes increasingly important to upgrade infrastructure and make cities more efficient and resilient. Mike D’Angelo, U.S. national sales manager for Timken Power Systems, talks about the important work of ensuring uninterrupted potable water supplies to populations in need.

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Building Climate Resilience Into Water Infrastructure

Igniting the Spark in Future STEM Leaders

Timken invests in STEM education for underrepresented students globally, collaborating with leaders like Darlene Walker, STEM engagement director at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. She shares how authentic STEM learning experiences create more diverse, knowledgeable and prepared problem solvers for the future.


Delivering Timken’s Value Proposition

Timken service engineers represent the company’s on-site customer support arm. They engage in complex, challenging, and unpredictable work, and they produce enormous value for customers, and for Timken. Dragos Oprescu, general manager of global service engineering, and Barclay Simmons, chief engineer, discuss.


Being Energy Responsible

Timken facilities reduce, reuse, recycle and invest for a more sustainable world. Thomas Simon, plant manager, explains how the company’s newest Groeneveld-BEKA facility in Wannberg, Germany, operates with 100% renewable energy, contributing to the company’s global sustainability goals


Wind Techs Play a Critical Role Keeping the Power On

In 2020, “wind turbine technician” was the fastest growing job in the Unites States. It’s not an easy occupation, but the work is critical, the impact significant. Nathan Glessner, business manager for H&N Wind Power Systems by Timken talks about training, safety, and the dedication his H&N team demonstrates daily to keep the power on for millions of Americans.


Electrifying City Bus Fleets in Europe

The EU is serious about transitioning to a carbon-neutral future, and electric buses are a big part of the plan. Michal Zagozda of Groeneveld-BEKA by Timken talks about the success of Polish bus manufacturers, and how automatic lubrication systems play an important role.