Sustaining Momentum for the Next Generation

We’re proud to advance environmental sustainability in the products we make, the industries we serve, and through efficiencies in our global operations.

As an engineering culture, we view corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an interconnected system of actions to improve the lives of individuals and communities, benefit the planet, and strengthen our business.

We align our global programs with our engineering expertise to build a world that is more efficient, resilient, and sustainable for generations to come.

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Customer-Centric Product Sustainability

The Timken Company Sustainable Engineering Process guides all stages of our product development process. Together with our customers, we constantly explore ways to refine existing solutions or add new attributes to make our products more efficient and sustainable.

A Commitment to Sustainable Industries Wave Power

The current wave energy market size is limited globally. However, unlike solar and wind energy, which can lose capacity, ocean waves are always moving. Wave energy has the potential to supplement other energy sources for a more flexible, reliable mix of renewable energy.

Harnessing the Power of the Ocean

A Commitment to Sustainable Industries Solar Energy

Sunbelt regions worldwide are constructing solar power farms that vary in their technologies, yet similarly rely on solar trackers to capture energy from the sun. We have emerged as a leader in precision motion control solutions for these trackers.

Tracking the Sun to Power the Earth

A Commitment to Sustainable Industries Wind Energy

As corporations declare new sustainability goals, they rely on renewable energy sources to help achieve them. Increasingly larger wind turbines are key to their efforts, because the larger the turbine, the more efficient its power production.

Transforming the Wind Industry

A Commitment to Sustainable Industries Electric Commercial Vehicles

From public transportation to package delivery, the electric commercial vehicle market is rapidly expanding across the globe, driven by carbon emissions reduction goals and the explosive rise of e-commerce.

Driving the European Electric Commercial Vehicle Market Forward

A Commitment to Sustainable Industries Electric Flight

Our recent work on land-based electric vehicle drive systems and strong aerospace product legacy make us a preferred partner for many leading aircraft manufacturers, who work to solve the friction-reduction problems inherent to electric flights.

Turning Electric Flight into Reality

Environmental Sustainability and Global Operations

Across our global footprint, we focus on increasing the efficiencies of our manufacturing processes and supply chains. Many of these operational efforts also contribute to our progress toward The Timken Company’s 2030 greenhouse gas emissions intensity reduction target.

Impacting People and Communities The Next Generation of STEM

A more efficient and sustainable world requires new thinking and different perspectives. We recognize that our workforce and talent pool needs to get deeper and wider, for better and more innovative problem solving.

Impacting People and Communities Wellbeing and Leadership Development

As we focus on attracting and developing the next generation of world-class problem solvers, we have partnered with a range of industry-leading, global organizations. Our programs prepare the next generation of women in leadership positions, provide coaching, and offer 24/7 counseling services to ensure employee wellbeing.

Impacting People and Communities Disparity and Safety

Our applications play a critical role in increasing the world’s capacity to produce food and address nutritional disparities. At the same time, our company and our employees actively contribute to efforts to tackle hunger in our local communities, like partnering with Feeding America®. In addition, our Employee Resource Groups are collaborating with local food drives and planning partnerships with national charity events worldwide.

Impacting People and Communities Employee Resource Groups

The unique backgrounds, experiences and abilities of our employees are core to who we are today and help us prepare the next generation to lead. The work of our Employee Resource Groups is critical to our success as a global company and a corporate citizen. These groups focus both on local needs and collaborate worldwide to create an increasingly diverse culture and a deeper sense of belonging.

Our dedication to sustainable practices — from operations to communities — has led to repeated meaningful recognition.

2024 World's Most Ethical Companies award.
2024 Fortune America's Most Innovative Companies.

“From our global operations to the communities where we live and work, we pursue sustainable programs with long-term impact.”

Richard G. Kyle
President & CEO

Resources + Reporting