The Ripple Effect of Lifelong Learners Being “constantly curious” is what drives learning and innovation. It also has a ripple effect. Chairman of the Board John Timken shares how educating the next generation has a positive impact on advancing technology, business and our communities.

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The Ripple Effect of Lifelong Learners
Timeless: How Timken Leverages Quality to Advance Industry in the Modern Age While the pace of global manufacturing and business is greater than ever, Timken quality never falters. Timken Vice President of Quality Matt Eckels shares how the company’s longstanding commitment to producing high-quality, highly-engineered solutions helps power the most complex applications of the modern age.

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Timeless: How Timken Leverages Quality to Advance Industry in the Modern Age
Rollon and Cone Drive Position Timken for Leadership in Robotic Drive Systems The leaders of Timken subsidiaries, Cone Drive and Rollon, discuss the strong growth of the robotics market and how their innovative solutions are serving the industry.

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Rollon and Cone Drive Position Timken for Leadership in Robotic Drive Systems

85% of employees say good corporate citizenship where they work is important—and more than 70% want their employers to make a difference in local communities.

MetLife survey: The Role of the Company
Work That Matters

Austin Eckhardt – Application Engineer

Austin gives new meaning to the phrase “from farm to table”. As an application engineer, he helps improve the efficiency of agricultural equipment so farmers around the world can achieve greater crop yields. As a volunteer, he helps sort food for a regional foodbank that, last year, provided more than 24.5 million meals to neighbors in eight local counties.

Learn more about Austin’s experience at Timken, and more about our company’s dedication to corporate social responsibility.

W świecie Timken: Springfield, Missouri, U.S.A.

"I’m excited to tell customers we’re part of Timken. It’s an easy segue to selling our quality and value, along with our years of engineering experience."

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Nan Mallonee
Inside Sales - Carlisle Belts by Timken

"The world is rapidly changing and so are we, but two key pillars remain—our commitment to our core values and our relentless focus on winning with customers and driving profitable growth."

Rich Kyle President & CEO
Executing Our Strategy

Making Strong Companies Stronger

Hans Landin, Timken’s group vice president, explains the company’s acquisition strategy:

1. Find successful companies with high-quality products that fit well with Timken.
2. Apply best practices that Timken has learned over decades.
3. Allocate capital so acquired companies can grow rapidly and profitably.
4. Leverage Timken’s global infrastructure to make them even more competitive.

Industry in Motion

The International Federation of Robotics says global industrial robot sales doubled from 2013 to 2017 and reached a record $16.5 billion in 2018. And the industry continues to diversify beyond auto and electronics makers to growth markets like food and beverage.

As automation assumes more dangerous and repetitive tasks so people can focus on the bigger picture, Timken is poised to grow our presence with top-level robotics manufacturers. Rollon linear solutions add a horizontal axis to robots that already move in all other directions, and Cone Drive harmonic solutions improve precision and performance throughout the robot. Get the full story

Enhancing Automation

We win with our customers and outperform our competitors through innovation, research, and creativity.

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We execute our business strategy to deliver next-level performance and results for our investors.

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Our customers’ and shareholders’ satisfaction, along with Timken’s future growth, begins with our associates.

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