From Kitty Hawk to Flying Taxis: A Century of Aerospace Innovation Timken’s unofficial aerospace historian takes a look at challenging customer applications over the years—and talks about how flying drones could someday change the shape of our cities.

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From Kitty Hawk to Flying Taxis: A Century of Aerospace Innovation
How Timken Harnessed the Perfect Storm—and Made Wind Energy More Viable Wind has become an increasingly viable energy source over the past decade. Timken innovation has played a significant role.

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How Timken Harnessed the Perfect Storm—and Made Wind Energy More Viable
Investing in the Future: Timken Global Scholars Have Big Plans The Timken Global Scholar program awards $540,000 each year to the children of Timken associates. We interviewed three of the 2019 winners. Cecilly Kelleher (shown here) is a 2017 scholarship winner studying pre-med at The Ohio State University.

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Investing in the Future: Timken Global Scholars Have Big Plans
Развивающиеся рынки

Точное движение вперед С приобретением Cone Drive компания Timken дополняет свое растущее портфолио благодаря техническим решениям в области прецизионных передач

Приобретение компании Cone Drive позволит использовать подшипники Timken на таких развивающихся рынках, как производство солнечных батарей, робототехники, а также продуктов питания и напитков.

Wheel bearings can reach 350˚F during a stock car race—negatively impacting grease life, car performance and finishing order.

Work That Matters

Ben Pearch – Principal Application Engineer

Ben helped develop our lightweight RacePac® wheel end assemblies, which run 30 percent cooler than competing designs. Teams at the highest level of motorsports use Timken RacePac hub assemblies with enhanced fuel efficient bearings because when victory is determined by fractions of a second, every bit counts.

Cooler wheel end assemblies live here.

Making a Difference

What we do makes impacts nearly every person on the planet. Our solutions help deliver power to our homes; enable travel by air, rail and road; and support the infrastructure that makes modern life possible. CEO Rich Kyle explains.

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Core Values

We’re committed to staying true to our values and doing right by our associates, customers and all stakeholders. We’re proud to have been named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere for a ninth time, and we will continue to live up to that standard everywhere we do business.

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События Timken World: Fulton, Illinois, U.S.A.

"I love Timken because of its culture. I come to work every day and feel like I personally can make an impact. In this environment, I know that I have a voice in making decisions, and I go home feeling a sense of personal accomplishment."

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Dita Wilcox
Supply Chain Analyst - Drives

"Wherever technical innovations happen around the world, you always see a need for the right powertrain and friction management technology. Timken is uniquely able to solve for the most challenging applications."

Ajay Das vice president – strategy and business development
Industry in Motion

Most of Ivanpah's 300,000 software-controlled mirrors rely on Cone Drive solar tracker drives to accurately position the heliostats and reflect sunlight to the tower from up to a quarter mile away. Over its 30-year lifecycle, Ivanpah is expected to avoid 13 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions—the equivalent of taking two million cars off the road.

Read how Cone Drive’s double-enveloping worm gears support solar power worldwide in this article from Kurt Gamelin, Cone Drive president.

Ivanpah Solar Thermal Power Plant
Mojave Desert, California, U.S.A.

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