One-of-a-kind Capabilities for Robotics

The first industrial robots were programmed 50+ years ago to do repetitive factory tasks. The contributions of today’s robots are far more diverse. They efficiently move materials through warehouses, help perform life-saving surgeries and operate state-of-the art telescopes to uncover mysteries of the universe.

Automation is one of Timken’s largest markets served, second only to renewable energy. The company built its strong leadership position by acquiring power transmission companies with complementary product lines and technical expertise. With the recent addition of SPINEA, Timken expands its leading reduction gear and actuator portfolio to support the evolving needs of robotics customers.

In fact, the addition of SPINEA to the Timken power transmission portfolio gives global robotics customers greater access to solutions for mid-range industrial robots.

SPINEA is the only European producer of precision cycloidal reduction gears and actuators, the world’s only producer of small high-precision cycloidal robotic gears and only one of two suppliers that can cover all six axes of small, low and medium payload robots.

Customization for peak efficiency

When SPINEA was created in 1997 in Prešov, Slovakia, the founders’ main goal was to “eliminate operational deficiencies” in industrial robots. In the decades that followed, SPINEA engineers developed two core product lines that support applications ranging from flight simulator joysticks to factory robotic control systems.

TwinSpin® reduction gears and DriveSpin® actuators are customizable to each robot’s unique configurations. They are designed and manufactured to optimize repeatable precision and dynamic arm movement while reducing overall noise and vibration in each system. The result is greater efficiency and more sustainability from equipment that simply performs better and lasts longer.

TWINSPIN® REDUCTION GEAR System of gears in which the driven shaft rotates more slowly than the driving shafts. DRIVESPIN® ACTUATORS Device that converts energy into mechanical energy that can control motion.
DESIGN Integrates high-precision reduction gear and radial-axis bearing in a compact, single unit. DESIGN Compact servo actuator with high-tilting torque capacity and integrated bearing.
APPLICATIONS Factory automation, machine tools, navigation systems, textile manufacturing, glass treatment APPLICATIONS 6-axis robots, gantry robots, CNC machines, medical equipment, aerospace, semiconductors

Power transmission solutions for an automated world

Industrial robot designers now rely on Timken for multiple power transmission solutions, often within the same system. Cycloidal reduction gears are ideal for applications with greater torque and load requirements. Cone Drive harmonic gearing solutions support lighter-duty applications. Both companies share the same capability for designing high-precision gearing solutions for complex robotic systems.

Kurt Gamelin serves as president of Cone Drive, a world leader in precision gearing technology acquired by Timken in 2018. He’s also responsible for the SPINEA business and says that collectively Cone Drive, SPINEA and Rollon, another Timken brand, can “be the single gear, actuator and linear motion source for any robotics customer creating disruptive technology.”

“Cone Drive and SPINEA solutions also are adjacent to Rollon robotic transfer units that enable robots to “walk” along a seventh axis,” Gamelin says. “And through Timken, we have the global footprint and relationships to introduce our differentiated solutions to customers everywhere.

“SPINEA has an experienced management team, strong engineering and manufacturing capabilities, and a talented team,” Gamelin continues. “We have exciting opportunities to grow together.”

Timken’s broad offering of adjacent power transmission products serve a diverse range of customer’s industrial motion needs worldwide. Learn how the company’s acquired brands like Philadelphia Gear, PT Tech, Torsion Control and Lovejoy provide holistic solutions for workboat designers.