Raising Each Other Up: Employee Resource Groups

Original thought and diverse perspectives have informed Timken’s culture for decades.  As a global company that continues to grow its product line and footprint, team members frequently find themselves collaborating across time zones, cultures, and areas of expertise. And because the organization recognizes that diversity creates value for all stakeholders, Timken leaders continue to encourage inclusive management and hiring practices.

Still, diversity and inclusion remain continuous, evolving initiatives.

“I spent most of my life avoiding anything other than superficial working relationships, so I didn’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not,” says Jennifer Stamp, Timken product manager. As chair of Timken Pride Network (TPN), Stamp is organizing and speaking out to help remove barriers for herself and other LGBTQ+ employees. We asked her and other Timken employee resource group (ERG) leaders about their current activities and focus.

Collaborating to support employees around the globe

As executive-sponsored groups, ERGs influence company policy from the very top. CFO Phil Fracassa and Nicole DiSalvo, vice president of corporate communications, work closely with Stamp as TPN sponsors, for example.

It’s a mutual relationship, not a top-down one. ERGs thrive when members feel heard and included. To fill out their calendar, Women’s International Network (WIN) leaders consider formal input from employees around the world.

ERGs also build on event feedback and momentum. WIN and the Young Professionals Network (YPN) have become global organizations, with chapters at Timken facilities in India, China, France and Romania. Other ERGs, such as the Multicultural Association of Professionals (MAP), are beginning that globalization process.

To extend their reach, MAP, YPN and WIN collaborate on hybrid and virtual events, such as “A Day in the Life” — a popular series highlighting the diversity and day-to-day work life of employees across the company. International Women’s Day is also a big, global ERG event, and MAP builds awareness and celebration around holidays, such as Chinese New Year, Juneteenth and Diwali.

Networking, education and building community

Professional networking is central to ERG programming, and they all offer opportunities for sharing diverse perspectives. Sometimes that means bringing in executives to share career insights. Other times, it’s a group of veterans coming together to share resources and support.

ERGs are all about building community, and that often means offering bridges to understanding. TPN, for example, holds events to help Timken employees understand LGBTQ+ topics. WIN groups in India and China have developed online venues for sharing book reviews, insights, and interviews.

Timken leaders place a lot of emphasis on contributing to the local communities where the company operates, so it’s no surprise that volunteerism also plays a big role in ERG work.

A more open, productive Timken

Whatever they’re doing, ERG members like to have fun. They often gather around common interests: a treasure hunt, baseball game, or yoga.  It all adds up to a more open and engaging work environment where everyone feels included and free to contribute and grow.

“Timken professionals crave new knowledge and deep understanding, and that desire applies to learning how to meaningfully and respectfully engage with others to create a more productive work environment,” says Stamp. “It’s inspiring to help my colleagues expand their knowledge in that way.”

Meet Timken’s ERG Leaders

Agustin Caminoa, MAP Chair

Title: Global Portfolio Manager

Years with Timken: 7

Home country: Argentina

Current city: Canton, Ohio

Education: Electronic Engineer, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, M.B.A. University of Buenos Aires

Spare time: Hanging out with family and friends, Argentine barbecues, motorcycle tours, golf weekends.

“Being part of MAP gives me another space to champion diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Oluwaseun (Seun) Craig, MAP Co-Chair

Title: Account Manager, Aerospace Sales

Years with Timken: 3

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

Current city: Charlotte, North Carolina

Education: B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, M.S., Engineering Management, Western Michigan University

Spare time: Home improvements, disc golf, re-watching Star Wars movies

“I’m inspired to be and bring my authentic self to work. While not everyone has the same perspective or approach to solving problems, most are genuinely looking for opportunities to work together.”

Jessica Minor, WIN Co-Chair

Title: Senior Sales Analyst

Years with Timken: 5

Home country: United States

Current city: Canton, Ohio

Education: Bachelor’s in Music, Malone University, , M.B.A. in Supply Chain, University of Akron

Spare time: Gardening, taking care of home, spending time with friends and family

“I have learned so much from these exceptional folks. It’s inspiring to work alongside them, planning WIN events and watching their hard work come to life”

Adrienne Aquino, WIN Co-Chair

Title: Digital Advancement Data Lead

Years with Timken: 21

Home country: United States

Current city: Canton, Ohio

Education: B.A. in Computer Science, Malone University

Spare time: Time with family, going for walks, all things Disney

Timken World story: Advancing R&D From the Inside Out

“I’m passionate about helping others better understand themselves through personal and professional growth opportunities.”

Mayuri Rachamadugu, WIN India Chair

Title: Senior Project Leader

Years with Timken: 16

Home country: India

Current city: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Education: Master’s in Production engineering, Sri Venkateswara University

Spare time: Time with nature, meditating, gardening

“Challenges are opportunities to grow in life. Positive mindset, perseverance, accepting the situation, facing the underlying fears, staying calm internally, gratitude has made me to overcome challenges on my way.”

Stella Lu, WIN China Chair

Title: Replenishment & Logistics Manager

Current city: Shanghai

Education: Bachelor’s, Shanghai University of Engineering Science

Spare time: Reading, travel

Special contribution: Initiating the 30th Anniversary Memory Exhibition for Timken China

“Timken is a strong company with strong products. I feel safe and passionate here, and proud that my contributions are recognized.”

Joanna Hallisy, YPN Chair

Title: Application Engineer

Years with Timken: 4

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Education: Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, University at Buffalo

Inspired by: People at Timken – how hard they work for the company and each other

How she represents Timken: Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and Manufacturing Day at Great Lakes Science Center

Spare time: Art and animation, working out, traveling to new places, reading

“I’m trying to reteach myself how to be more courageous in taking calculated risks, realizing that failure is more of a teacher than a rebuker.”

Derek Mankin, YPN Co-Chair

Title: Senior Application Engineer

Years with Timken: 3.5

Education: Bachelor’s in Materials Engineering, University of Cincinnati, M.B.A., Northern Kentucky University

Hometown: Wapakoneta, Ohio

Spare time: Time with wife and baby daughter Clara, hiking with their dogs, watching soccer, devouring ice cream

“Life is short. We should enjoy it and do what we can to make a difference.”

Ashwin Kananthoor, YPN India Chair

Title: Senior Application Engineer

Years with Timken: 8

Hometown: Mangalore, India

Education: Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore

Spare time: Traveling, video games, time with loved ones, exploring new restaurants with his wife

“The best advice my dad ever gave me was to never say ‘No’ to the opportunities and challenges that come my way.”

Laurent Castanier, YPN France Chair

Title: HR Manager for Timken Europe

Years with Timken: 3.5

Hometown: Toulouse, France

Current city: Colmar, France

Education: Bachelor’s, Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse III, Master’s in Electrochemical and Electrometallurgical Engineering, Grenoble Polytechnical Institute

Spare time: Mountain hiking, playing rugby, cooking elaborate meals for family, reading thrillers, traveling

“YPN is a great way to practice Timken’s core values, meet senior leadership as well as inspiring role models, and understand that CSR is a reality, not just words”

Li Da, YPN Yantai Chair

Title: Equipment Manager

Years with Timken: 12

Current city: Yantai, Shandong, China

Hometown: Hebei Province

Education: Hebei Polytechnic University

Spare time: Tour the city with his family, daily fitness regimen

“My direct reports are all young engineers, so I bring YPN into my daily management practice, suggesting mentors for them and offering professional training to help them achieve their career goals.”

Cezar Creţu, YPN Romania Chair

Title: Manufacturing Advancement Manager, Europe

Years with Timken: 4

Home country: Romania

Current city: Ploiesti, Romania

Education: Master of Engineering, Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, Military Technical Academy “Ferdinand I”

Spare time: Cooking, trying all sorts of unheard-of things, shooting perfectly framed photos of normal things, biking and running so he can enjoy his cooking without feeling guilty

“Anyone can demonstrate that something cannot be done or doesn’t work. It’s those who try to make it work who make a difference.”

Jennifer Stamp, TPN Chair

Title: Product Manager

Years with Timken: 17

Home state: Massachusetts

Current city: Canton, Ohio

Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of New Hampshire, M.B.A. Business Analytics, University of Akron

Spare time: Physical activity and adventure: mountain biking, snowboarding, ice skating, waterskiing, rock climbing, hiking, camping; finger painting and building Legos with her two 4-year-olds

“Stay open minded toward criticism. Others may not always assess your weaknesses correctly, but if you ignore criticism or become defensive, you may miss an opportunity for growth.”

Chriss Scott, TPN Co-Chair

Title: Principal EHS Analyst (Environmental Health & Safety)

Years with Timken: 4

Timken World story: Data-Driven Efficiencies for the Planet and the Bottom Line

Education: A.S Criminal Justice Technology, B.S. Emergency Management, University of Akron, M.S In progress in Business Data Analytics, Penn State University

Spare time: Drummer and singer in a metal, indie/alt rock and blues band, writing songs

“It means so much to me to know that someone like me can be so successful here.”

Chad Hicks, VET Co-Chair

Title: Supply Assurance Manager

Years with Timken: 18

Military service and rank: Sergeant in the U.S. Army

Hometown: New Philadelphia, Ohio

Education: Employee’s in Criminal Justice, Kent State University, Bachelor’s in Business, University of Phoenix

Spare time: Time with family and friends, walking, hiking, playing golf and disc golf, growing vegetables, bowling

“Leading an ERG pushes me out of my comfort zone and helps me grow as a professional.”

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