At Timken, innovation starts with our customers.

Timken R&D is the technical engine of real-world progress for our customers. The group’s specialized expertise, 120+ years of cross-industry experience, and depth of knowledge are unparalleled in the industry.
All of our customer-centric investments begin at the intersection of capability and opportunity — we create technical solutions
where they didn’t exist before.

A Unique Model

Timken R&D is not siloed. Members of the R&D group pair with associates throughout the organization who are close to the customer and know their capabilities. This collaborative and disciplined approach informs our solutions. It ensures our specialized expertise and deep knowledge are applied in the most effective way possible and are always closely aligned with emerging trends.

Friction Management — understanding and implementing the scientific fundamentals of friction to achieve performance benefits

Materials Science — manipulating and applying the properties of matter that constitute and govern the performance of our products

Mechanical Power Transmission — efficiently transferring energy through engineered equipment to meet application performance goals

A Highly Accessible Expert Team

Our team of experts is not only known for their rigorous thinking but also for their exceptional accessibility and availability to both customers and Timken associates. The group focuses simultaneously on high-risk technical challenges while also providing continuous expert support across the business. From our first tapered roller bearing patent in 1898 to our growing collection of present year patents, Timken R&D continues to make the unknown, known which in turn makes Timken and our customers stronger.

Horizon Scanning

Timken R&D invests a significant amount of time growing expertise in friction management, materials science, and mechanical power transmission. The group surveys the fields for new opportunities and new technologies, including emerging trends in digital manufacturing and automation, performance modeling, heat treatment technologies, and advanced lubrication science.

Join Our Team of
World-class Problem Solvers

We are always looking for next generation talent to join our R&D team. Ideal candidates are self-starters and original thinkers with advanced degrees who are interested in developing solutions that draw on
R&D and IT.

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