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Commercial Vehicle Wheel End Accessories and Tools

We engineer our commercial vehicle wheel end accessories and tools to help increase the reliability and efficiency of fleet operations.


Die-Cast Aluminum Hub Caps

  • Durable and cost-effective.
  • OEM approved with a precise fit and long, low maintenance service life.
  • Oil bath types may include a side fill plug.
  • Machine-applied window for a secure seal and easy oil level checks.
  • Vented fill plugs maintain low internal pressure caused by normal heat buildup.
  • Hubodometer versions available for most applications.

Stamped Steel Hub Caps

  • Durable and cost-effective.
  • OEM approved with a precise fit and long, low maintenance service life.
  • Oil bath and grease types available.
  • Powder-coat painted finish (available with duplex nickel-plated and chrome-plated finish).
  • Machine-applied window remains clear and shatter proof.
  • All units are corrosion-resistant.

P-Axle Hub Caps

  • Durable and cost-effective.
  • OEM approved with a precise fit and long, low maintenance service life.
  • Threaded units available in die-cast aluminum or full plastic (oil bath and grease types), or a hubodometer version.
  • Standard or chrome finish, with or without side fill or vented plug.

PSI Hub Caps

  • Durable and cost-effective.
  • OEM approved with a precise fit and long, low maintenance service life.
  • Replacement hub caps for PSI-equipped wheel ends.


  • Helps simplify record keeping, reduce inventory and improve scheduling of regular maintenance and safety checks (follow OEM recommendations for mileage between service intervals).
  • Extremely durable: UV protected polycarbonate material is hermetically sealed for a moisture-proof, tamper-proof, air-tight seal and the zinc protected housing is corrosion-resistant.
  • Available in miles or kilometers (pre-set units available upon request).
  • Available in a full range of ratios that meet the latest tire manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Accurately records revolutions in both directions (either side of the vehicle) – even on tough road conditions.
  • Individually serial numbered for easy tracking.
  • Easy installation – no wiring, power or complicated programming required; mounts with a standard ½”-20 mounting stud.
  • Supported by a full line of mounting brackets and hubcaps.
  • Operating temperature range: -40° F to 180° F (-40° C to 85° C); Product mass: 1.35 lbs. (600 grams).

Digital Hubodometers

  • One model fits any tire application.
  • Programmable in miles or kilometers with ability to preset mileage (programming tool and easy-to-follow instructions included).
  • Secure lockout feature with ability to permanently disable changes to the unit’s set-up.
  • Separate trip and lifetime totals.
  • Eliminates expensive calibration machines, readers and complexity.

Analog Hubodometers

  • Durable construction: die-cast zinc case, oil impregnated bronze bearings, hardened steel shaft.
  • Fully mechanical with Acetal resin gear, pinions and wheel.
  • Unique counter balance design eliminates orbiting and provides precision accuracy.
  • No calibration, tampering or batteries.

Timken Set-Right® Spindle Nuts

  • Reduces installation, maintenance and inventory carrying costs.
  • Fast and accurate method of securing and adjusting wheel end components (within the recommended setting range).
  • Helps extend seal and bearing life and reduce tire wear.
  • Easy installation with a 6-point or 8-point socket and torque wrench.
  • Available for trailer, drive and steer axles for standard or “D” flat slotted spindles.
  • Heavier cross section compared to other leading OE locking nut solutions which helps make the bearing system more rigid and improve seal performance.

Hot Dots

  • Easy visual indicator – changes from white to black when wheel end temperature exceeds 250° F (121° C) – accurate to within +/-1°.
  • Simplifies pre-trip wheel end inspection and verification; helps reduce unexpected repairs.
  • Strong adhesion even in wet conditions -40° F to 300° F (-40° C to 148° C).

Installation and Adjustment Tools

We also offer a variety of installation and adjustment tools designed to make it easier to accurately install and adjust bearings and seals.

Clean-Up Wheel (for wheel end preparation)

  • Part No: HACT1

Bearing Adjustment Dial Indicator

  • Saves time: Quick and easy to use to accurately verify wheel end play.
  • Works anywhere: Adjustable positioning posts for all axle and hub models (including aluminum hubs); adjustable for truck or trailer wheel ends.
  • Strong attachment: Industrial strength magnets ensure secure attachment.
  • Analog Part No: BADG1; Digital Part No: BADG2

Insta-Tool® (seal installation)

  • Disposable tool packaged with seal.
  • Ensures correct seal installation (improper installation causes most seal failures).
  • Included with seals (part numbers ending in “T”).

Commercial Grade Seal Installation Tool

  • Drive handle, seal driver, bearing guide and hex nut included.
  • Components available separately.
  • Drive Handle Part No: H1.
  • Seal Driver (reference application specific data).
  • Bearing Guide (reference application specific data).
  • Hex Nut (included with drive handle).

Wear Sleeve Driver

  • Two separate tools required: Axle sleeve driver and drive plate.
  • Components available separately.
  • Axle Sleeve Driver Part No: AD1.
  • Drive Plate (reference application specific data).


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