RacePac Packaged Wheel

Equipped with specially engineered Timken® tapered roller bearings and Timken-designed seals, RacePac wheel hubs are designed to improve safety and increase speed in auto racing vehicles. Pre-assembled and ready for installation on front and rear wheel ends.

Design Attributes:

  • Pre-lubed, pre-assembled and pre-adjusted assembly takes the guesswork out of bearing adjustment and lets your team concentrate on race day results.
  • Zero-torque seal design results in less seal drag, which means more horsepower is available at the tires and bearing temperatures are reduced.
  • Packaged wheel hubs are shipped to your team race-ready with proper lubrication, meaning you can install them for qualifying and run the same equipment during the race.


  • Professional stock car racing

Ordering Information:

For additional information, including racing distributors in your area, contact Timken’s Charlotte Sales Office at (704) 916-2710.

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