Moving Forward:
Timken Contributes to a World in Motion

At The Timken Company, we're all about moving forward.

This bias for action reflects our roots, our expertise
and the practical ways in which we contribute
daily to a world in motion. Our stewardship
lives at the intersection of corporate
performance and social responsibility
and is an integral part of doing
business with integrity

Find out how Timken
engineers a better future...


Reliably Explore how we make an impact here and in
outer space.

Together Learn about our community efforts around the world.

Efficiently Discover how we translate our knowledge into solutions.

A hostile environment meets its match.

Timken super-precision bearings keep NASA’s Mars rovers operating in the vacuum of space, super-sub-zero temperatures and the red planet’s sulfuric-acid rain.

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More stress than most of us see in a lifetime.

Six million parts, all riding on a handful of wheels and struts. Every day, thousands of planes around the world land on the strength of Timken® bearings in the landing gear.

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On the front line of safety.

One of Timken’s newer product lines, gear boxes, transfer power in heavy industrial applications ... like the pumps that protect coastal cities and residents from rising flood waters.

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A view inside.

Medical devices maintain precision, accuracy and reliability with Timken inside. For example, the world’s most powerful CT scanner relies on our bearings to capture still images of the human heart.

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Just another day at the office.

For heavy-truck customers, the “office” is wherever their trucks go. Icy roads. Mountain passes. Cross-country or across borders. Timken goes the distance for these important customers.

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Things are about to get interesting.

Sandstorms? Blizzards? Cruel gradients? Whatever the world throws at our rail customers, they say, “bring it.” Because when moving from here to there gets interesting, Timken delivers the load.

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The toughest jobs in the world.

Oil and gas drilling customers overcome the unique challenges of the industry, including harsh environments, increased bearing loads at high operating speeds and costly equipment downtime. Land and offshore drilling companies depend on Timken for technology that helps keep their rigs running at top performance.

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Building stronger communities.

Timken associates donate thousands of volunteer hours annually through personal endeavors, company-sponsored events, and community leadership. We encourage and enable our associates to be involved in their local communities, focusing on the things that are important to them both personally and professionally.

A passion for life-long learning.

Since its inception in 1958 The Timken Company Charitable and Educational Fund, Inc. has granted more than $21 million in scholarships, helping children of Timken employees worldwide achieve their educational and career aspirations. The Timken Company remains committed to furthering life-long learning and in 2015, will award 17 scholarships totaling $540,000.

Plant managers in the making.

The Timken Manufacturing Academy develops company leaders of the future, offering hands-on experience, including the opportunity to run a manufacturing plant.

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Staying “Active for Life.”

Timken's Active for Life program involves a global partnership with the American Cancer Society. The annual 10-week program focuses on a team approach to physical fitness and nutrition and drives healthy lifestyles. Thousands of associates at 29 global locations participate.

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Enabling peak performance.

Timken’s products improve the performance of customers around the world, including Paralympian Erik Hightower.

Preparing future business leaders.

Around the world, we work with Junior Achievement to develop the next generation of business leaders. For example, in China, more than 100 Timken employees inspire middle school, high school and college students through career workshops and job shadowing. Last year alone, nearly 500 students at seven schools gained a clearer understanding of the power of free enterprise.

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Saving lives.

Timken associates in Germany support DKMS, the world’s largest bone-marrow donor center. The center called upon two of them this past year with the simple message, “You are an ideal match for someone who needs your bone marrow.” Christiane Vogt answered the call, making all the difference in the life of a stranger.

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Inspiring future engineers.

So, what does an engineer actually do every day? Thousands of high school students discover the answer through participating in the Timken “Engineer for a Day” program at our world headquarters.

Learn about the journey from “engineer for a day” to “engineer for a lifetime.”

Improving fuel economy.

Timken’s fuel-efficient bearings for cars, trucks and other vehicles reduce power consumption up to 30 percent and improve fuel economy by as much as two percent compared to traditional bearings. If all cars and light trucks in the U.S. used our energy-saving bearings, each year 14 million fewer barrels of petroleum would be consumed and 230,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions would be eliminated.

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Reducing, re-using and recycling, we get the most out of the things we use.

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Dedicated to working green.

In December 2014, the U.S. Green Building Council® recognized our commitment to environmental responsibility by awarding LEED® Gold certification to our world headquarters. LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is the international standard for green-building excellence. The certification demonstrates the building’s adherence to solid green design and practices.

Committed to EHS excellence.

At Timken plants worldwide, employees really take ownership of environmental, health and safety (EHS). Our Shiloh Plant in Rutherfordton, North Carolina is one example of our associates achieving a milestone in safety performance; reaching five million hours (since August 2005) without a lost- time injury.

Learn how Timken associates around the world drive industry-leading EHS practices.

Dedicated to working safely.

Through committed leadership, well-trained employees and a relentless focus on safety, Timken is among the industry leaders in safety performance. We continue to achieve our lowest lost-time injury and recordable injury rates ever, the culmination of more than a decade’s worth of improvements.

Yes, we’ve made great progress, but the job is not complete until we achieve zero lost-time injuries company-wide.

Innovation at work.

Every day, Timken associates identify new and creative ways to work more safely, efficiently and comfortably. A team at the Yantai China plant developed a simple tool that simplifies the cone inspection process with a 100% detection rate, saving $3,116 annually. At the New Philadelphia plant, associates devised the “Lap Wheel Magic Bullet” device that enables operators to safely change the wheel in 20 minutes, reducing time on task by 44 percent.

Identify. Understand. Act.

Our precautions-based safety program provides the foundational training and tools that help our people identify risks, understand them and then act to eliminate them. That creates a safer work environment.

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Committed to green communities.

Clean air. Sparkling water. Green spaces. Our commitment to environmental responsibility goes beyond efficiency and compliance in our facilities. It’s about protecting the places where we work and play. From eco-friendly construction projects to local volunteer efforts, our associates work with customers, community leaders and local citizens to keep our communities green.

See a few examples of the role we play in supporting these important stakeholders.