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MileMate® Wheel Bearing Sets for Commercial Vehicles

Engineered for superior performance and increased reliability, Timken® MileMate® matched cup and cone bearing sets help increase uptime. Precisely matched sets enable easier installation and bearings will distribute loads more evenly, extending bearing life.

Design Attributes:

  • Engineered steel: Manufactured with super-clean alloy steel, these long-lasting bearings are designed to meet severe-duty application requirements.
  • Precision profiles: Internal raceway profiles reduce stress on bearing components by distributing the loads evenly across contact surfaces – increasing load-carrying capacity.
  • Tight tolerances: Uniform internal geometry, including angle of contact for cones and rollers, creates a precise match between cup and cone – extending bearing life.
  • Enhanced surface finishes: Advanced finishing processes generate smoother surface finishes on races and rollers to reduce friction – helping increase fuel efficiency.
  • Flexibility: Engineered for severe-duty applications in any configuration – dual and wide singles – to maintain consistency and simplicity within fleets. Engineered to also handle the 2-inch offset loads found in wide single-tire configurations.
  • Compatibility: Fits popular axle and hub designs, allowing retrofit into existing equipment. With 56 sets to choose from, it’s easy to find the right pair for the most popular applications, including manually adjusted and pre-adjusted wheel ends.
  • Easier Installation: Matched wheel bearing sets make it easier and faster to install bearings correctly every time.
  • Meets or exceed original equipment manufacturers’ specifications, including specifications for ConMet® PreSet® hubs and Spicer® LMS™ hubs.


Commercial vehicles (aftermarket)