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EDT Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

EDT ball bearings are ideal for high speed and high tension applications. Stainless steel ball bearings minimize surface corrosion and are more chemically resistant than carbon steel bearings. Choose food grade grease or solid lubricant. EDT has stainless ball bearings for all kinds of requirements.

  • Good availability, either greased or solid lubricated
  • Three kinds of ball bearings for every application, including:
    • Value Ball Bearings
    • Choice Ball Bearings
    • Classic Ball Bearings
  • Available in stainless or polymer housings
  • Ideal in applications not suitable for plane bearings:
    • Flat or v-belt tensioned drives
    • Round rubber or urethane belting
    • Curved conveyors
    • Side flexing tabletop chain
    • Direct motor drives
    • Overhung loads
    • High speed shafts

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