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Civil Aerospace

Timken collaborates with the commercial and general aviation market to get new ideas off the ground. We produce precision OEM parts for the world's leading aerospace companies and apply our expertise to deliver aerospace bearing repair and drive system rebuild services to today's fleets.

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Many Happy Returns

Each day, thousands of aircraft take wing with new and reconditioned Timken components and touch down on Timken landing wheel bearings.

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A Century of Innovation

Timken’s unofficial aerospace historian takes a look at challenging customer applications over the years—and talks about how flying drones could someday change the shape of our cities.

Read his story on Timken World.

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Failure Is Not an Option

Behind each space exploration, there’s more than a decade of collaborative research and development conducted by the public and private sectors. Timken was involved in early projects that gradually inched the technical community closer to the moon, and 50 years later, a new generation of Timken scientists and engineers still conduct this type of work, taking us deeper into space.

Our innovations will be aboard upcoming missions like the Mars 2020 rover, NASA’s Orion spacecraft for deep space exploration, and NASA’s mission to land the next man, and first woman, on the Moon by 2024.

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In the Heat of the Moment

As both the manufacturer of the Helitanker and a fleet operator providing fire suppression services  Erickson Air Crane depends on Timken precision components and assemblies to keep its helicopters in top condition for their important missions battling wildfires in Southern California.

Commercial Vehicles