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Aerospace Aftermarket 

Timken Aerospace Aftermarket is dedicated to improving customer performance by applying our knowledge of friction management and innovative solutions to deliver unparalleled value and innovation all around the world. Our strategic commitment to the aerospace aftermarket focuses Timken's global technology resources on enhancing product design and capabilities to meet the latest aviation challenges.




Timken Aerospace Aftermarket offers comprehensive product and service solutions for:

Bearing Repair

Timken Aerospace Bearing Repair is the world's leading aerospace bearing services company. We provide anti-friction bearing inspection, reconditioning and engineering services to global air carriers, engine overhaul facilities and military organizations worldwide.

Aerospace Repair

Timken Aerospace Aftermarket overhauls Bell drivetrain components and specializes in high-quality engine component and part repairs. The use of new technologies enables restoration to original specifications and replacing key parts such as vane castings avoids the reliability issues associated with conventional repairs.

landing wheel bearings
Aircraft Landing Wheel Bearings

Timken supports this business with dedicated engineering and a well-trained service group that can assess problems and help you maximize your investment safely. Timken has leveraged this experience in bearings, the aerospace industry and maintenance best practices to create a standard for the whole industry, regardless of wheel manufacturer.



Learn more about Timken's complete offering of Aerospace Aftermarket capabilities. Our literature includes a capabilities brochure and several pieces targeted to specific repair services.


New FAA Approvals

 Learn about the latest FAA approvals for the following programs: 


  • Model 250
  • PT6
  • T53
  • Bell UH-1/AH-1/204/205/212


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