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Engineered Class Chain

We design our Drives® engineered chain to provide optimal performance for specific applications, serving various machinery applications used in agriculture, heavy industries, food and beverage industries.

Our line of engineered chain is designed to provide optimal performance for specific applications. Our offering includes:


  • Caterpillar Drive Chain

Material Handling

  • Carbon Chain
  • Stacker Reclaimer Chain
  • Standard Roller
  • Conveyor Chain
  • Stainless Steel Chain

Food Processing

  • Proofer Chain
  • Specialty Drive and Conveyor Chain
  • Oven Chain

Forest and Paper

  • Timber Processing Chain
  • 81X Attachments
  • Wall Board Chain

Metal Processing

  • Accumulator Chain
  • Metal Pin Transfer Chain


  • Feeder Breaker Chain
  • Tram Chain

Sugar Mill

  • Roller Conveyor Plain Chain
  • Main Cane Carrier Chain
  • Bagasse Carrier
  • ChainHarvester Chain

Cement Mill

  • Cement Plant Bucket
  • Elevator Chain

Specialty Drive Chain Product

  • Engineered Steel Drive Chain
  • 3100 Series
  • Drive Chain