How to Ensure the Bearings You Purchase Are Authentic

Timken takes anti-counterfeiting seriously and participates in a mobile app through the World Bearing Association (WBA) to help identify genuine products and safeguard against counterfeit bearings. The Bearing Authenticator app recognizes packaging security labels from Timken and other leading bearing manufacturers.

Why Purchasing Authentic Bearings is Important

It is not always easy to detect a fake bearing. They can look like original products and their packaging is often an exact copy. These counterfeit bearings can negatively affect the global economy and are dangerous if used in applications.

Not only can counterfeit bearings impose safety risks, they also ruin productivity and cost more money by causing unplanned downtime and expensive repairs.

How to Check Authenticity

Once you’ve downloaded the WBA Bearing Authenticator app, simply scan the QR code on the packaging label to get an instant response about the authenticity of the bearing.

The app is available worldwide for iOS and Android devices.

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Another way to ensure the bearings you purchase are authentic is by purchasing through an authorized Timken distributor or through Timken directly. 

Find an authorized distributor or Timken sales office: