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Mine operators share similar performance goals – to maximize uptime, reduce maintenance and replacement costs, and improve productivity. Timken helps meet these goals by considering your entire system and recommending solutions that keep mining equipment up and running at top performance.
Wheel Bearings Carry Heavier Load

Made from super-clean, air-melt steel, Timken wheel bearings for mining trucks offer increased load carrying capacity, debris resistance and longer bearing life.


Mining equipment makers, mine operators and equipment rebuilders turn to Timken for products, services and the expertise needed to keep mine equipment on the job and providing maximum performance.

Products & Services

In a business where daily production is measured in thousands of tons, the equipment is massive. Timken provides hard-working bearings, as well as the lubricants, diagnostic equipment and repair services to help keep those bearings reliably turning 24/7.


Customized training programs give your maintenance personnel hands-on experience in bearing removal and installation, troubleshooting and damage analysis.