Automotive Cylindrical Axle Repair Bearings 

The next time one of your customers has to replace an axle because of axle or bearing wear, you can help them save both time and money by suggesting they consider replacing the bearings and seals.

Because axle shafts are typically made of softer steel than bearing rollers, shafts have a tendency to wear out before the bearing.  The rollers can actually wear away a section of the shaft, as shown in the below diagram.   



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Automotive cylindrical axle repair bearings are designed to replace the original bearings and seals on axles that are still in good condition, but whose original bearing and/or seal contact paths are not suitable for continued use. The extra-wide bearing repositions the rollers and seal to ride on unworn portions of the axle closer to the flange. Lubrication is accomplished through the axle tube by differential fluid, just like the OE design.


Design Attributes

  • Compact bearing design provides high load capacity.
  • Direct-on-shaft design simplifies mounting.
  • Provides a more economical alternative to replacing the axle itself.



  • Light duty automotive axles