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Products and Processes 

Timken Steel produces carbon, micro-alloy and alloy steel in the form of specialty bar, seamless mechanical tubing, value-add components, billets and bottom-poured ingots. Our annual melt capacity of more than 1.7 million tons, combined with our expert knowledge of metallurgy, allow us to tailor every order to customers’ specifications. Our investment plans will significantly strengthen our position as a leader in providing differentiated solutions for the energy, industrial and automotive markets. Our steel is found in bearing races and rolling elements, heavyweight drill pipe, drill bits and collars, stator tubes, wind energy gears and shafts, axles, crankshafts and connecting rods, diesel fuel injectors, bushings, forgings, hydraulic cylinders, pins, shafts and rolls, ordnance and gears and hubs. 


Our Product Offering

We do not manufacture sheet, rod, coil, plate, or strip. However, we do produce the following products:




Bars & Billets

Hot-rolled alloy steel produced as solid bars and billets.


Seamless mechanical tubing produced from Timken® steel uses a rotary forging process that works the metal from both the inside and outside.

Steel Components

Value-Added production processes convert Timken® steel into components with varying levels of value additions, from simple cut rings to near-finished parts.

Value Added Boring Services

Timken Boring Specialties, LLC combines leading well boring and finishing products with a wide range of Timken® high-quality alloy steel bars and tubes, resulting in a one-stop steel source for customers in the energy market.

Types of Steel

Timken uses a combination of materials science, application engineering and processing capabilities to produce more than 300 types of steel.

Grades of Steels

A list of common steel grades for carburizing, through-hardening and induction hardening.

Our new 3,300-ton forge press offers Timken and its customers sound-center engineered steel bars that can unlock new market opportunities and operating efficiencies.

Our state-of-the-art caster debuts in summer 2014, giving us yet another advanced equipment capability offering that helps create the answers to our customers’ toughest engineering challenges.