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Timken® Corrosion-Resistant Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Timken® corrosion-resistant deep groove ball bearings are an ideal fit for a variety of demanding applications. Constructed with stainless rings, rolling elements, and cages, our bearings can improve uptime in a variety of harsh environments.

Food and beverage manufacturers and producers need premium products that deliver machinery uptime and food safety. You can meet these challenges head-on with Timken® corrosion-resistant deep groove ball bearings.

Constructed with stainless steel rings, balls and cages, these corrosion-resistant materials and food-grade lubricant can help elevate food safety and production uptime with improved reliability. Standard, thin-section, narrow and miniature constructions are offered in the following series and configurations:

  • 6000, 6200, 6300 and 600 series
  • Open design, double contact seals and double shields
  • Food-grade grease, food-grade Solid Lube; and general industrial grease

Product Advantages

  • Resist corrosion and improve metal detectability with stainless steel rings, balls and cages
  • Improve food safety with NSF H1 registered waterresistant grease for shielded and sealed bearings
  • Versatile Timken® Solid Lube is a grease alternative for harsh environments
  • Handle a wide range of operating temperatures with high-performance lubricants

Gain Solutions That:

Improve Food Safety
Our products meet stringent food safety legislation and regulations including compliance with FDA 21.CFR 178.3570. As a result, you can see gains in operational performance.

Reduce Maintenance
Premium products are designed to operate longer in demanding applications and environments.

Decrease Unplanned Downtime
Long-lasting products help you avoid sudden, expensive shutdowns. Head off costly changeouts with products designed to handle corrosive conditions and harsh chemicals.

Increase Overall Productivity
Our products are designed for efficiency. You can maintain optimum operating efficiency despite chemical washdowns and wet environments.

A Smart Fit

Our corrosion-resistant deep groove ball bearings are an ideal fit for a variety of applications:

  • Poultry deboning machines
  • Conveyor rolls
  • Form fill seal machines
  • Filling and seaming equipment
  • Combination weigher
  • Labeling equipment

Solid Lube

Timken FVSL613 Solid Lube, a grease alternative for harsh environments, is a micro-porous polymer structure combined with high-performance oils and additives.
The solid lubricant can contain up to three times as much oil as a similar volume of grease. Solid Lube completely fills the free volume in the bearing between the races, rolling elements and the cage.
During bearing rotation, the solid lubricant polymer releases the appropriate amount of oil to lubricate the rolling elements and raceways.

Timken Solid Lube Features:
Its unique makeup helps prevent lube from contaminating food products. Timken FVSL613 Solid Lube option contains an NSF H1-registered synthetic oil that complies with FDA guidelines for lubricants with incidental food contact under 21.CFR 178.3570.

Full-fill and large-oil reservoirs help guard against washdown and ingress of contaminants for safe and reliable operation.

Timken Solid Lube can help reduce your operating costs and increase operational productivity.

With a wide range of Solid Lube solutions, we can match application requirements, including industrial, high-temperature or extreme washdown environments.

For product data, price and availability, contact your local sales representative.