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Housed Unit Inserts

Timken ball bearing housed units offer easy installation, a multi-seal design and multiple housing styles and provide advanced performance across a wide range of applications and operating conditions.

Setscrew Locking

Setscrew locking housed units are equipped with two specially designed setscrews positioned at a 90-degree angle in an inner ring that locks onto the shaft. The Y series offers a full width inner ring and the S Series is equipped with narrow rings. Advanced Shaft Guarding Technology™ is offered within this design.

Eccentric Locking Collar

This locking system is popular for providing the most security for a broad range of applications. Self-locking collars eliminate the need for locknuts, washers, shoulders, sleeves and adapters. The R series facilitates the mounting of wide inner ring bearings and the V Series is for narrow rings.

Concentric Locking Collar

Frequently used in limited space and reversing applications, the concentric locking collar includes two setscrews, 120 degrees apart, that pass through drilled holes of an inner ring to lock the bearing to the shaft with minimum inner ring stress and deformation.

Special Purpose

These housed units, specially designed for unique applications and environments, offer several expanded options.

Safety End Caps

Easy-to-install, Timken’s safety end caps protect exposed rotating stub-end shafts, reducing hazards around many types of equipment.