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Desde motores de turbinas y cajas de engranajes hasta transmisiones para helicópteros y unidades de potencia auxiliar, entre otros, los productos de Timken ayudan a los clientes del sector aeroespacial privado, comercial y militar a volar alto.


Timken produces various gearbox parts for aerospace applications, including shafts, couplings, adapters, covers, bearing supports and retainers. All these products benefit from our advanced processing capabilities and aerospace quality standards, along with our aerospace materials expertise. Rigorous inspection procedures help us meet or exceed the highest industry and customer standards.

Design Attributes

  • Provides sealing capabilities with closures
  • Facilitates assembly and maintenance
  • Couplings aid shaft misalignment and displacements under application loading
  • Range of materials available to suit application requirements


  • Gearboxes for rotorcraft, engines and fixed wing aircraft