Every component produced in our plants around the world carries a promise of Timken quality and consistency. This is the result of dedicating more than 100 years of Timken precision manufacturing and materials science to meet our customers’ needs. Every Timken facility adheres to stringent global quality standards, from original design through manufacturing and distribution. We are equally diligent when procuring products and services to meet Timken customer requirements, resolute that the same quality and consistency must exist in our supply chain.


Timken manufactures to global standards. Therefore, products made in any Timken facility in any country must meet those exacting standards. We also expect the same rigor from suppliers who provide products and services to any Timken facility, anywhere in the world.


A rewarding and successful buy-and-sell relationship depends on open, honest communication and operating on a world-class level. Timken expects suppliers to demonstrate a commitment to environmentally responsible practices, health and safety compliance and a manufacturing philosophy of excellence that aligns with our vision, values and goals.

Current suppliers can click here to login to the Timken Supplier Network. Prospective suppliers can also send an email.