TDI bearings have a one-piece double inner race and two single outer races and are typically supplied complete with an outer race spacer as a pre-set assembly. The bearing can be used at fixed positions on rotation shaft applications. For rotating housing application it can be used to float on the stationary shaft.

TDI bearings are sometimes used on rotating shaft applications where a loose fit is required for ease of removal.

Size range:

ID 25.400 mm to 1200.150 mm (1.000 in.  to 47.2500 in.)
OD 30.480 mm to 2460.000 mm (1.2000 in.  to 96.8504 in.)

Design Attributes:

  • Double cone and two single cups, with or without a cup spacer.
  • Furnished as a matched assembly.
  • Cups ground to fit.


  • Gear reduction units
  • Cranes
  • Calendar rolls
  • Industrial machinery