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454-Series[trademark] Tapered Roller Bearings for Commercial Vehicles

Engineered with performance-enhancing features for severe-duty applications, Timken® 454-SeriesTM wheel bearings help increase fuel efficiency, improve load-carrying capacity, fit in popular axle and hub designs – and simplify installation – helping you gain fleet uptime.

Longer Bearing Life and Performance

As a leader in tapered roller bearing technology, we engineer bearings to outlast and outperform those frequently used on original equipment.

Design Attributes:

  • Engineered steel: Manufactured with super-clean alloy steel, these long-lasting bearings are designed to meet severe-duty application requirements.
  • Precision profiles: Internal raceway profiles reduce stress on bearing components by distributing the loads evenly across contact surfaces – increasing load-carrying capacity.
  • Tight tolerances: Uniform internal geometry, including angle of contact for cones and rollers, creates a precise match between cup and cone – extending bearing life.
  • Enhanced surface finishes: Advanced finishing processes generate smoother surface finishes on races and rollers to reduce friction – helping increase fuel efficiency.
  • Flexibility: Engineered for severe-duty applications in any configuration – dual and wide singles – 454-Series wheel bearings maintain consistency and simplicity within fleets.
  • Compatibility: 454-Series wheel bearings fit popular axle and hub designs, allowing retrofit into existing equipment.


Commercial vehicles (original equipment and aftermarket)