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V Seals

A simple, versatile elastomeric “face-type” seal produced in Nitrile or Viton, the Timken line of V-Seals™ function as an additional sealing element. V-Seals are recommended for extreme, high-contaminant environments.

V-Seals are simple, versatile, elastomeric "face-type" seals produced in nitrile or Viton®. Timken's V-Seals can be the primary sealing element in an application, a contaminant excluder or a back-up seal.

Design Attributes

The elasticity of V-Seals:
  • Eases installation
  • Permits a broader range of shaft sizes
  • Allows them to be used on eccentric and misaligned shafts.


The seals are used in a full range of equipment in thousands of applications, such as:
  • Manufacturing
  • Off-highway
  • Power transmission
  • Oil refineries