Timken EcoPower™ induction heaters may be used for both mounting and dismounting of components with tight fits and are ideal for installing large bore bearings in wind turbine applications. The units save time by heating work pieces faster than conventional methods, and reduce energy consumption by utilizing fewer amps to operate.

Every Timken EcoPower™ induction heater is customized based on specific application needs. A Timken specialist will work directly with you to determine the proper size generator and applicable heating tool. Depending on your needs, we offer flexible coils, fixed coil and heating tables to best meet the specifications of the job.

Design Attributes:

  • Heat work pieces quickly, evenly and in a controlled manner via middle frequency alternating current that passes through an electromagnet
  • Versatility provided for various work pieces – heat up the inner or outer race
  • Easy-to-use controls allow precise temperature, time and power settings
  • Continuous  usage without the coils getting hot via special, air-cooled coils
  • Flexibilty provided by four different options of ergonomically designed induction tools
  • Can be used with included light-weight mobile generator or multiple generator configuration to heat large components


  • Bearing and work piece installation for wind turbine systems


One reason for bearing failure in wind turbine systems is over- or under-heating of the bearing during installation. Additionally, installing large wind-energy bearings is often a time-consuming process, itself, due to the need to heat the bearing. Overcoming these challenges is now easier, thanks to Timken EcoPower™ induction heaters.

Low Frequency and EcoPower™ Induction Heaters: A Comparison of Features and Operations

  Low Frequency Heater EcoPower™ Heater
Frequency  50Hz  10-25 kHz
Ampere  125 A  63 A
Piece max. weight Up to 3000 kg Up to 9000 kg
Gen. weight About 250 kg 45 kg
Coil cooling Water None
Coil temp. 150°C (4 rings) 35°C (4 rings)
Cable temp. 150°C (4 rings) 35°C (4 rings)
Status  Stops after 4 rings Fully operational
Noise level 85-90 db -50 db
Optional tools No Four heating tool options
Mobile No Yes
Demagnify Automatic Unnecessary