Timken's WHEEL-PAC bearing is a pre-set, pre-greased, pre-sealed integrated bearing assembly that provides outstanding wheel end performance for heavy trucks and trailers. WHEEL-PAC is customized to suit the truck builder’s preferred hub design.

Design Attributes:

  • Pre-set, pre-sealed and pre-lubricated bearing package eliminates the need for manual bearing adjustment and features fewer components, simplifying installation and maintenance.
  • Features a reduced bearing setting range that reduces runout, increases assembly stiffness and provides better friction control for increased system life.
  • Design optimizes weight and packaging for high power density - greater performance in a smaller package.
  • Additional design options include through hardened or case carburized steel (for improved debris resistance), greased, super-sealed or oiled lubrication options, and anti-lock braking systems ring integration.


  • Heavy truck and trailer wheels