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Driveline Center Support Bearings for Light Vehicles

Timken delivers outstanding reliability and durable performance in our driveline center support bearings (frequently referred to as “hanger bearings”). Easy to install, we design Timken® driveline center support bearings for superior performance, regardless of operating conditions.

Design Attributes:

  • Reliable: Bearing inserts are pre-greased and pre-sealed with an additional grease barrier between the bearing retainer caps and sealed bearing to extend bearing life.
  • Durable: Heavy-duty bracket made from reinforced heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel imparts strength and durability. The rubber cushion provides support while it absorbs and isolates vibrations, extending service life in rough environments.
  • Performance: We rigorously inspect our driveline center support bearings to ensure they meet Timken performance and quality standards.
  • Interchangeable: Driveline center support bearings interchange with all major light vehicle applications for easy installation and dependable operation.


Light vehicles (aftermarket)