Case Study: Timken Gets Tough On Cement Bucket Elevators

The Challenge

Bucket elevators, a vital part of the production process in cement plants, carry heavy loads under arduous conditions. One customer experienced challenges in replacing components that keep these heavy-duty workhorses running. In its operations, buckets attached by two chains carry crushed limestone 40 yards to the top of a pre-heater tower, with the shaft itself supporting up to 16 tons of weight. When the drive-side head pulley bearing failed, it would take three working days to remove and replace it, since it was trapped between the bucket elevator drive pulley and the gearbox/motor assembly. The maintenance costs: Three days of lost production time and the expense of renting a 35-ton crane.

The Solution

Enter Timken split cylindrical roller bearings and seals. The housed unit’s angular split eliminated the need to remove the drive, the shaft is simply supported by a jack while the split housed unit is mounted around the shaft – adding tremendous value by eliminating the need for a crane hire and the time usually spent moving equipment to change out a standard roller bearing. The customer also was pleased with the quick response and service of Timken service engineers, as well as the fact that Timken had the re

Split Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Timken Split Cylindrical Roller Bearing Housed Units add value to your operations by significantly reducing downtime associated with moving equipment to change out a standard roller bearing.

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