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    Timken Reports Record First-Quarter 2021 Results; Raises Full-Year Outlook

    “We posted an outstanding first quarter, achieving double-digit revenue growth, margin expansion and record adjusted earnings per share despite supply chain challenges and cost headwinds. Our strong operational execution and diverse, market-leading portfolio are delivering record results, while we continue to invest in our long-term profitable growth.”

    Rich Kyle, President & CEO


    Timken Releases 2020 Annual Report, Reflecting Company’s Position as a High-Performing Industrial Leader Amidst Global Pandemic

    Throughout 2020 Timken kept essential industries moving, delivered solid financial performance and advanced our growth strategy for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

    Read about it in our latest Annual Report.


    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Timken Offers Most Comprehensive Industrial Drivetrain Repair in the U.S., Delivering Sustainable Solutions to Customers

    Each year, Timken Industrial Repair Services recycles 1,000 tons of steel and 75 tons of copper by bringing used equipment back to good-as-new condition. It’s about longer life – for equipment and the planet.

    Keeping high-quality materials in the recycling loop protects the environment, saves costs and contributes to a circular economy.

    Read how.


    We collaborate with global customers in diversified markets. From wind farms in the North Sea to freight cars crossing the Sahara, we bring to life know-how and innovation, providing true marketplace advantage.

    Explore the markets we serve.


    “We continue to prioritize everyone’s health and operate our business around the globe. This is critical because Timken products and services are vital to our customers around the world — from the farms and factories that produce our food, to the power plants that provide energy to our homes. Our customers, communities and other stakeholders are counting on us to keep industry in motion, and we will.”

    Read more from President and CEO, Rich Kyle.