Type TQIT bearings have a tapered bore that is matched and continuous through the inner races.  This allows for an interference fit on the backup rolls of high-speed mills, where a loose inner race fit of a straight bore bearing could cause excessive neck wear.

The indirect mounting of the bearing pairs increases the overall effective spread of the bearing, providing optimum stability and roll rigidity.

Size range:

ID 123.022 mm to 1004.633 mm (4.8434 in. to 39.5525 in.)
OD 174.625 mm to 2032.000 mm (6.8750 mm to 80.0000 in.)

Design Attributes:

  • Two tapered-bore single cones, one tapered-bore double cone, four single cups and three cup spacers.
  • Front faces of single cones and both faces of double cone are extended to contact each other.
  • Tapered cone bores are matched for continuous taper through the cones.
  • Lubrication delivered through three cup spacers.
  • Preset, matched assemblies, serial numbered to assure correct installation.


  • Roll necks of high-speed rolling mills