SR bearings are made to a standard setting range, based on Timken’s Set-Right™ automated setting technique, and are suitable for most industrial applications. They have two spacers and an optional snap-ring for axial location. Because both types are made from popular sizes of single-row bearings, they provide a low-cost choice for many applications.

Size range:

ID 26.987 to 200.000 mm (1.0625 in. to 7.8740 in.)
OD 61.999 to 300.000 mm (2.4409 in. to 11.811 in.)

Design Attributes:

  • Two TS bearings mounted indirectly with cone and cup spacers.
  • Cup spacer features lubrication slots to allow commercial snap rings to locate bearings axially.
  • Two J-Line™ Class N bearings with metric envelop and non-metric internal geometry.


  • Automotive configurations