Multi-Point Lubricators

Help reduce friction in your industrial applications with C-Power multi-point lubricators. These centralized lubrication systems can deliver grease to up to six points, effectively taking the place of six single-point lubricators.

Canisters can be filled with Timken-formulated lubricants or many types of commercial grease.

Design Attributes:

  • Easy-to-maintain multi-point system replaces the need for up to six single-point lubricators.
  • Remote mounting addresses space-confined lubrication points with no pressure loss up to 16 feet per point.
  • Versatile programmability allows lubricating to be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Full pressure is maintained regardless of the number of lubrication points selected.
  • Includes a complete kit of accessories, full instructions and enough pre-filled grease lines for six lubrication points.


Timken C-Power multi-point lubricators deliver periodic grease to:

  • Bearings
  • Chains
  • Guideways
  • Other industrial components

Frequently Asked Questions