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Type TPS-Self-aligning Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearing

The TPS type thrust cylindrical bearing is similar to type TP, except the bottom washer is comprised of two races, with the contacting faces spherically ground. The TPS bearing is self-adjusting to initial misalignment. It is not suggested for applications where alignment may be continuously changing (dynamic misalignment).

Size range:

50.8 mm to 406.4 mm (2 in. to 16 in.)

Design Attributes:

  • Bottom washer design makes bearing adaptable to initial misalignment.
  • Overlapping roller paths prevent “grooving” of races and prolong bearing life.
  • Minor radial displacement of the races does not affect the operation of a TPS bearing, resulting in manufacturing economies and easy installation.
  • Simple design is the most economical to purchase and install.


  • Construction wheeled equipment
  • Drilling equipment
  • Lifting equipment
  • Power generation gearboxes