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안전 엔드 캡

설치하기 쉬운 안전 엔드 캡은 노출된 회전 샤프트를 보호하여 다양한 종류의 설비 주위 위험요소들을 감소시킵니다. 이 Fafnir® 안전 제품군은 현재 특허 출원 중이며 모든 해당 OSHA 요건에 부합합니다.

Easy-to-install safety end caps protect exposed rotating shafts, reducing hazards around many types of equipment. The patent-pending design meets all applicable OSHA requirements.

The new Fafnir® safety product line consists of a mounting ring and snap-on cover, both molded in a durable, bright yellow polymer. The end cap snaps into the adhesive-backed ring that adheres to the outboard face of most flanged bearing housings. The secure, 360-degree fit makes for a rugged unit that also provides basic protection from contaminants and washdown.

Factory retrofits are a snap with everything provided in a handy kit. The cost-effective end covers are simple to install on Timken and most other flanged units. Current sizes range from 20 mm to 50 mm (3⁄4in. to 1-15/16in.) shaft sizes for two or four-bolt flanged cast iron, malleable iron, and other selected housing styles and sizes.

Design Attributes

  • Improved safety – convenient means to protect factory workers from contact with rotating stub shafts.
  • OSHA requirements – design meets current OSHA regulations mandating safety covers for exposed shafting.
  • Easy installation – end cap snaps easily and securely into adhesivebacked mounting ring.
  • High visibility – both end cap and mounting ring are molded in bright yellow for optimum visibility and safety.
  • Simple retrofit – convenient field installation involves easy attachment of mounting ring to outboard face of a variety of housed units from different manufacturers.
  • Flexible use – easy field installation expands application for housed units produced by a variety of manufacturers.
  • Cost efficiency – quick and simple field retrofits minimize downtime and avoid replacing existing housed units.
  • Durable service – tough polymer components and strong adhesive bond stand up to typical factory usage.
  • Contamination protection – end cap with 360° interlocking fit provides basic protection against contamination and washdown.
  • Convenient kits – everything needed for installation is provided in a handy kit.


  • Food processing
  • Material handling, including conveyors, luggage handling and packaging lines