Timken’s Mill Grease is formulated with high VI paraffinic mineral oil, resulting in better oxidation stability than competitor formulas that use low VI naphtenic-base oil. Use this grease when resistance to water washout and performance under broad operating temperatures are absolutely necessary.

Design Attributes:

  • Resistant to water washout.
  • Superior protection against rust and corrosion, including salt spray.
  • Excellent high-temperature properties. Operates in temperatures from -40° C to 204° C (-40° F to 400° F).
  • Contains no heavy metals or other environmentally undesirable additives.


Choose our Mill Grease for:

  • Steel mills
  • Paper mills
  • Aluminum mills
  • Foundries
  • Cement plants
  • Power generation
  • Off-road applications
  • Mineral processing
  • Offshore rigs
  • Marine applications