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마운팅 부속품

적절한 설치는 베어링의 수명 연장을 위해 매우 중요합니다. 팀켄 마운팅 부속품은 베어링, 부싱, 씰링 링, 캠휠, 풀리 등을 안전하고, 정밀하고, 빠르게 설치해 줍니다.

Impact Fitting Tools

Proper mounting is essential to ensure long bearing life. Timken’s impact fitting tools are designed to facilitate safe, precise and quick mounting. Each kit features impact-resistant plastic collets. These help avoid metal-to-metal contact and the resulting shaft damage.

During the mounting of bearings, where the faces lie in the same plane, the collets enable the load to be transmitted to the ring experiencing the interference fit. If the impact mounting tool is used, mounting forces are not transmitted via the rolling elements and damage to the raceways is avoided.

Design Attributes:

  • 33 collets ranging from 10 mm to 110 mm
  • Three sleeves
  • One impact hammer


  • Bearings
  • Bushings
  • Sealing rings
  • Cam wheels
  • Pulleys