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TQOW (Straight Bore with Cone Face Lubrication Slots)

TQOW bearings are similar to TQO bearings.  When the fillet and/or filler rings do not already have lubrication slots, they are provided in the faces of the bearing inner race.

Size range:

ID 50.800 mm to 1499.872 mm
(2.0000 to 59.0501 in.)

OD 83.337 mm to 2032.000 mm
(3.2810 in. to 80.0000 in.)

Design Attributes:

  • Similar to TQO, except that the cone faces have lubrication slots at each face.
  • Two double cones, two single cups and a double cup with a cone spacer and two cup spacers.
  • Cone spacers are hardened to reduce face wear.
  • Numbered serially to assure correct installation sequence.


  • Low- and medium-speed rolling mills