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Sheave Pac Bearing Assembly for Oil & Gas Drilling Rigs

The Timken® Sheave Pac® bearing assembly provides an innovative maintenance solution for oil and gas drilling rig crown and traveling blocks and riser tensioners. Preset, pre-greased, and unitized, Timken Sheave Pac helps improve employee safety, increase uptime, simplify installation and virtually eliminates maintenance.

Design Attributes:

  • Preset, pre-greased, assembled and sealed at the factory – eliminating the risk of improper bearing setting and contamination and reduces the potential for bearing damage.
  • Unitized assembly contains the bearing cones, bearing cup, triple-lip seals and grease – simplifying installation.
  • “Sealed-for-life” design eliminates frequent inspections and re-lubrication – improving employee safety, uptime and productivity.
  • Dimensionally interchangeable with current industry-standard bearing assemblies and seals, requiring no modification of the sheave bore.
  • Designed to operate within existing industry-standard snap ring and groove dimensions.


  • Crown and traveling blocks and riser tensioners  – On and Off Shore Oil and Gas Drilling Rigs