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Timken Aero Drives Systemsチームは、軍事用および商用ヘリコプターのためにトランスミッションを製造するとともに、1個のギアから、トランスミッションの設計とテスト全体に至るまで、オーバーホールと修理関連の業務に携わっています。

Timken produces a range of transmissions to meet the various performance requirements for both military and commercial helicopters. We have the capability to manufacture, assemble and test new gearboxes as well as overhaul and repair transmissions already in service. We can meet any customer’s requirement from a single gear to complete designed and tested transmissions, including the capability to manufacture master gears and curvic couplings.

Our production experience and know-how demonstrate not only our capability to manufacture highly complex gears and housings, but also the other technologies necessary to produce complete transmissions. Our comprehensive supply chain management enables us to integrate all the materials, components and details required for in-house manufacture, assembly and testing of transmissions to exacting specifications while meeting customer delivery requirements.

We are experts at holding the most demanding aerospace tolerances and requirements. Our in-house heat treat capabilities are second to none. We perform precision part manufacturing, processing and assembly of all components with rigorous quality controls and manufacturing procedures that meet or exceed the most stringent customer specifications.

Design Attributes

  • Meets or exceeds the stringent quality standards of Timken and the aviation industry
  • Gearboxes are highly engineered to the most precise aerospace tolerances and dimensions, such as surface finish, machined tolerances and dimensions
  • Precision assembly of all components to exacting specifications and aerospace standards
  • Tight control of metallurgical properties helps ensure excellent product quality, performance and uniformity


  • Helicopter main rotor transmissions
  • Engine nose, intermediate and tail gearboxes
  • Jet engine accessory gearboxes