The Power of Engineering
and Systems Thinking

Our ability to build a world that is more efficient and resilient for all stakeholders requires the tools and approaches common in engineering and systems thinking.

Going forward, we will harness the power of both to drive our initiatives and measure them against three areas of focus —
to grow knowledge, to advance sustainability and to promote leadership.

Learn more in our 2019 CSR Report and our 2019 GRI Standards Index

Grow Knowledge

As engineers, we appreciate that we are all part of a global system and community. When we leverage our collective experience and know-how, all of society can benefit. We continuously invest in growing our global team as they tackle research and development challenges that have the potential to help change the world.

Learn more about our culture of learning and meet Marlé Fernandes and Vikram Bedekar, two of our associates.

Promote Leadership

We continuously champion those who move us forward now and in the future. Leadership means we invest in our team and communities through professional and philanthropic programs, volunteer work and STEM-focused educational initiatives. At the same time, Timken’s global team brings to work its diverse perspectives and backgrounds every day, and we’re stronger because of it.

Learn more about our initiatives to develop today’s and tomorrow’s leaders.

Spotlight on the future

New Global Initiative: Making Shipping More Sustainable

What does it take to greatly reduce single-use plastics across our business? Kim Rudy, manager of global packaging, and Jamie Milobar, manager of global environmental affairs, have set out to find out and are spearheading the effort for Timken.

Here, they discuss what inspired the initiative and how it is advancing.