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Timken UltraWind Tapered Roller Bearings

With the highest life ratings in the industry verified by Germanischer Lloyd, the new UltraWind series of bearings provides a cost-conscious, simplified drive train for main-shaft wind turbine designs (both gear and gearless).

Ideal for original equipment manufacturers developing multi-megawatt wind turbine designs, the Timken® UltraWind tapered roller bearing optimizes drive train simplicity, reliability and performance. It features a customized main-shaft bearing system approach that combines either a double-row tapered roller bearing or two, single-row tapered roller bearings with seals, lubrication and condition monitoring.

Bearing designs can accommodate most styles of wind turbine designs with variable bolt circles, shaft-mounted and shaftless designs, rotating inners and outers, gear and gearless wind turbines.

Design Attributes:

  • Simplified, compact drive train design saves capital equipment costs
  • Pre-set internal clearance facilitates ease and accuracy of the assembly
  • Pre-loaded bearing designed for superior stiffness to manage motion of the main shaft and rotor
  • Bearing raceway profiles control maximum stress levels to provide greater product durability
  • Optimized cage designs, including steel and polymer configurations, improve capacity and roller retention
  • Features the highest bearing life ratings in the industry as certified by Germanischer Lloyd


  • Wind turbine main-shaft bearing for turbines, with or without gearbox