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Manguitos Redi-Sleeves

Los manguitos Redi-Sleeves® de Timken ofrecen una superficie de sellado sin corrosión. Los manguitos son de acero inoxidable resistente, fáciles de instalar y ofrecen una opción de reparación rápida y económica para los ejes ranurados o desgastados.

Manguitos Redi-Sleeves

Timken offers Redi-Sleeves, which are precision stainless steel wear sleeves designed to be pressed onto a shaft for an enhanced sealing surface. Redi-Sleeves are fast, inexpensive repair options for grooved or worn shafts.

Design Attributes

  • Timken’s line of Redi-Sleeves feature a strong, durable stainless-steel construction that helps create a corrosion-free sealing surface that may surpass original shaft specifications
  • Redi-Sleeves have an ultra-thin construction of 0.25mm (0.1″) that allows the original seal size to be used with minimal additional lip loading


  • Redi-Sleeves can be used on a full range of industrial equipment